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Note that some articles from early Journals were reprinted in Journals 26 and 28. In these instances it is the later version, which is better printed, that is referenced in the links.

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Home  :  Spohr the Musician  :  Spohr the Man  :  Spohr the Composer Spohr Journal  :  Spohr Music  :  Books about Spohr  :  Contact Us Spohr Journal no. 1 – 1970 Editorial How Kassel Revived Jessonda Spohr’s ‘Violin School’ Disastrous Concert, A Spohr Book and Music Review Spohr on Record . . . A Survey Powell, Maurice Mayer, Lady Cleeve, Montagu Powell, Maurice Powell, Maurice Warsop, Keith 3 7 11 13 16 21 Spohr Journal no. 2 – 1971 Individuality of Spohr, The Historical Symphony, The Prince Louis Ferdinand Chronology of Spohr’s Violin Concertos Spohr and Hummel Truscott, Harold Powell, Maurice Powell, Maurice Warsop, Keith Powell, Maurice 3 6 10 12 14 Title Author Page Spohr Journal no. 3 – 1972 Brief History of the Louis-Spohr-Gesellschaft, A Spohr’s Music for the Clarinet Moscheles and his Place in the Early Romantic Era ‘Solo’ Quartets, The Romantic Revival, The: a Music Review Book Review (Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past by Pamela Weston) Powell, Maurice Powell, Maurice Roche, Henry Warsop, Keith Powell, Maurice Powell, Maurice 2 4 10 14 15 16 Spohr Journal no. 4 – 1975 Spohr as Conductor Spohr’s Symphonies (as extended in Journal no. 38) Hummel Discography, Part I: The Orchestral Music Adventures of a Record Hunter, The Spohr and the Harp (revised version from Journal no. 27) Warsop, Keith Tutt, Chris Warsop, Keith Borne, Bernard Powell, Maurice 12 14 18 20 21 Spohr Journal no. 5 – 1976 Spohr, Hoffmann and a Neglected Review Book Chat (John Field) Spohr and the Norwich Musical Festival Hummel Discography, Part II: The Chamber Music Gubbins, Paul Branson, David, and Keith Warsop Tutt, Chris Warsop, Keith 1 6 9 12 Spohr Journal no. 6 – 1979 Spohr Society, The: Retrospect and Prospects Faust Index to the Open Discographies Case for Spohr, The Powell, Maurice, and Keith Warsop Tutt, Chris  Warsop, Keith 1 7 11 32 Spohr Journal no. 7 – 1980 Introduction of The Last Judgement and Azor and Zemira       to England in 1830–1831 Spohr’s Six German Songs, Op. 103 Spohr and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony Septets Etcetera Brown, Clive Cooper, Alun Tutt, Chris Warsop, Keith 2 10 13 15 Spohr Journal no. 8 – 1981 Spohr’s Family Nineteenth Century Spohr Curiosity from Leeds, A Performance of Spohr’s Music in Provincial England, The:       Doncaster’s Experience Spohr Discography, A Powell, Maurice Scowcroft, Philip L.  Scowcroft, Philip L. Jordan, Robert 2 3  5 7 Spohr Journal no. 9 – 1982 Visit to Spohr at Cassel, A – Sterndale Bennett’s Impressions* Spohr Entry in the New Grove, The Excerpts from the Memoirs of Tomaschek Louis Spohr Discography: Addenda (1982) Hopf, Michael Tutt, Chris King, D. M. Jordan, Robert 2 4 7 9 Spohr Journal no. 10 – 1983 Brown, Clive Hopf, Michael Cosgrove, Matthew  Tutt, Chris  Powell, Maurice 2 10 11  13  15 Spohr Journal no. 11 – 1984 Tutt, Chris  Hopf, Michael Johnson, Peter Jones, Robert E., and Denis Bowyer Tutt, Chris Warsop, Keith Powell, Maurice 2  6 8 9 10 13 16 Spohr Journal no. 12 – 1985 Edward Taylor and Spohr Seasons Symphony, The – A Rehabilitation? Spohr’s Piano Music Letters from a Fellow Spohr Enthusiast [Horace Fellowes] Recent News Further Thoughts on Clive Brown’s Book Brown, Clive Warsop, Keith Branson, David Scowcroft, Philip L.  Warsop, Keith 2 7 9 10 11 13 Spohr Journal no. 13 – 1986 Skrine, Peter  Scowcroft, Philip L. Lamb, John Fifield, Christopher Jordan, Robert Tutt, Chris McGuire, Margaret 2  5 7 8 10 11 12 Page 1 (1970–1986)          Page 2 (1987–1998)          Page 3 (1999–2011)          Page 4 (2012–2016) Page 1 (1970–1986)          Page 2 (1987–1998)  Page 3 (1999–2011)          Page 4 (2012–2016) *This link is to a revised version, with the two parts merged, from Journal no. 31.