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The Spohr Society of Great Britain was formed in 1969 as the British branch
of the International Louis Spohr Society, then based in the German city of Kassel
where Spohr spent most of his working life. Its objective was to promote the music
of Louis Spohr (1784–1859), one of the towering figures on the musical scene
of the first half of the nineteenth century.
Kassel Friedrichsplatz c. 1850
The Friedrichsplatz, Kassel, circa 1850
(lithograph by J. M. Kurz) (private collection)

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To announce forthcoming events or submit enquiries relating to Spohr, please
e-mail enquiries@spohr-society.org.uk . Concerts and other events
will be advertised on this page.
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The Spohr Society of Great Britain is no longer active. However, this website will
be retained as a focus for Spohr news and to include, over time, many of the
articles from past Spohr Society journals, as well as providing
a home for any future articles.
Organisations still very much involved in the discovery, documentation and
promotion of Spohr and his work include
Spohr Museum, Kassel (German text)
Louis Spohr Stiftung
(German text)